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Website Essentials

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Believe it or not, design is only one element that goes into a great website.

Your first project is your content!

Whether your site focuses on facts, fiction, commerce or community you need to get your story down, only then can good design guide your visitors on their journey with you.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you consider the content you want on your website.

  • Who am I targeting? What segment of the market needs your help?

  • What are my core services? Can they be easily categorized and explained?

  • What promise can I make to help visitors with the problem they came here to solve? Provide an immediate call to action that bonds you to your visitor. "How can WE solve your problem?" Make it about them!

  • How can I build trust that they came to the right place? Trust builders include: solid solutions, results, testimonials, certifications and visual continuity, to name a few.

  • How can I make the information easy to find? What keywords would your potential visitors use to find you?

  • Is my site optimized for mobile? More than 70% of your visitors will view your site on their phone!

How can Grey Duck Websites help you with your content?

  • Editing for clarity, concise messaging and scannability.

  • Designing for visual cohesion.

  • Making your site user friendly AND mobile!

Contact me anytime with questions.

I look forward to helping you build your new business!

Julie Dempster

Owner + Designer

Grey Duck Websites

Mankato, MN



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