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Updated: Dec 5, 2018

New Website Build:

  1. Free consultation - We evaluate your target audience, content goals & design objectives.

  2. Tryout: I build a simple landing page for you.*

  3. You like it! Grey Duck made your team! Decide if you need an MVP or a VIP package. *

  4. The Build: I'll need photos and logos in .png format and will collect all information and materials to develop the content, framework & functionality to build your stellar website.

  5. The Approval: I'll have you walk through the site and share it with friends and colleagues for opinions, changes and revisions.

  6. The Launch: Your website is polished and ready for its debut!

*See my rate sheet and terms & definitions page for more information.

Credit/debit card needed to activate annual fees. Grey Duck billed separately.

Assist with current site:

  1. Free 30 minute consultation - identify your current website's needs.

  2. I'll break the work into modules and have you assess and approve each section before I move on to the next.


I set up dual control, meaning you the business owner are also the owner of the website. You will have the exact same login and password that I use when I build your site. (We can set your employees as website administrators or managers if necessary.)

You can hire me after the launch as needed for maintenance, updates and newsletters, or you can purchase a manual customized for managing your website and a mini training so you can take the wheel!

Contact me anytime with questions.

I look forward to helping you build your new business!

Julie Dempster

Owner + Designer

Grey Duck Websites

Mankato, MN



Grey Duck Websites LLC

Mankato, MN



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