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Service List + Rate Sheet

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Build Fees Include: Consultation, Website build, Hosting, Storage, SSL encryption

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Sample Features: Photos, videos, music, slideshows, lists, grids, social media integration, forms, blog, events, bookings, forums, calendar, testimonials, menus, reservations ... and much, much more!

Builds by Grey Duck Websites starting at:

  • $250 Intro: Trial landing page setup. No domain, includes WIX ads

  • $700 Includes MVP - multiple pages + 10 hours of design work

  • $1,000 Includes VIP - interactive site + 15 hours design work

Also available:

Plug-ins such as: Bookings, blog, ticket sales, social media marketing & more

eCommerce options: Online store, member/account login, on site product search, live chat

email marketing: 3 newsletters per month with MVP, 20 per month with VIP

Annual fee estimates:

  • $15 Domain name (first year free with WiX)

  • $10 Privacy registration with WiX (Hides the domain registrant's personal information from the public WHOIS database.)

Annual WIX fees:

Multi-year discounts available from WIX on these packages:

$132/year MVP - multiple pages includes

  • 3GB storage (equivalent of 1500 photos)

  • 2GB bandwidth (about 1200 site visits/month)

$300/year VIP - interactive site includes

  • 35GB storage

  • unlimited bandwidth

  • email marketing

  • eCommerce (additional)

  • Google Analytics

Post build services:

  • Grey Duck maintenance/annual review - $40/hour, customer initiated

  • Hand-off - personalized manual + mini training session - $100

Additional Services:

$250 - SEO: Google My Business + optimization (for Grey Duck customers)

$60/year - Professional email (tied to domain name)

$40/hour - Maintenance, updates & newsletters. Technical assistance for existing site - (will also look at your Shopify, Squarespace, Wordpress site)

50% deposit for MVP + VIP packages.

Prepay for Intro + Additional services.

Credit/debit card needed to activate annual fees through WIX. Grey Duck billed separately.

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Contact me anytime with questions.

I look forward to helping you build your new business!

Julie Dempster

Owner + Designer

Grey Duck Websites

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