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Newsletter success story

I started the Mankato Makerspace e-newsletter a few months after setting up their website.

Initially, its intent was to keep potential patrons and donors informed of the start up's progress. The board of directors collected email addresses in person at meetups and public events and these were entered in bulk to the website's database.

Now, two years later, all of Mankato Makerspace's e-newsletter sign ups come directly from website visitors. I publish the newsletter itself on the 1st and 15th of each month like clockwork, but now its content highlights classes and events as well as donation opportunities and features direct links to increase engagement opportunity.

Mankato Makerspace Newsletter - by the numbers:

  • 525 active subscribers to date.

  • Average gain of 15 new subscribers per month.

  • 80-100 clicks to links within each email.

Tickets for classes (and memberships) are sold through the website and sales correlate directly with each newsletter published.

It's fun for me to see the proof that consistent, recurring marketing has played a large part of the sustainable growth for Mankato Makerspace. Social media is a useful tool, but not on it's own as it has yet to be as consistently direct as placing news in a subscriber's inbox.

I think e-mail marketing that contains substance and value is still the most reliable way to connect directly with your customers.

Click the image to check out the latest Mankato Makerspace newsletter in full.

Like everything I do through the WIX platform, it's also mobile friendly!

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